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Shasta Lake

Shasta Lake, is the largest man-made reservoir in California. When at full pool, its 365 mile shoreline exceeds that of San Francisco Bay.

Before Shasta was constructed in the early 1940's, the Pit, McCloud, and Sacramento rivers all joined north of Redding and provided spawning habitat for Sacramento River salmon and steelhead. After construction, Shasta was stocked with brown and rainbow trout and several species of bass. While the bass and brown trout are mostly self sustaining populations, large numbers of catchable size rainbows and small king salmon smolt are stocked every year by CA DFG.

Stocked as smolt, landlocked king salmon grow to hard fighting adults averaging 2 - 4 lb. with much larger salmon caught every year.

We primarily target Shasta's healthy landlocked salmon fishery from May - September. During this time, the lake stratifies and the salmon lock into a very narrow band of depths along with the bait. Using top of the line Scotty precision electric downriggers and Seps dodgers and pro lures we target the salmon along the thermocline. In the summer, 20 - 30 salmon days are a definite possibility. With a generous limit of 5 tasty salmon per person, this is a great catch and consume trip for the entire family.

Since all fishing is done with ultarlight gear off of downriggers, this is a great trip for beginners and kids. We take care of all the set up work and when the rods start pulsing, you just grab it out of the holder and enjoy the fight.


Salmon King Lodge of Red Bluff is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider and a Permittee of the Shasta Trinity National Forest.

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