Northern Sacramento King Salmon
Cottonwood, Red Bluff, Corning Salmon Fishing

More than just playing bumper boats in the Barge Hole, the Sacramento is a beautiful river than can produce awesome king salmon catches.

You don't have to fly to Alaska or Canada to battle the mighty King Salmon. Among its other treasures, Northern California boasts a healthy run of Chinook (King) Salmon. The Sacramento River System hosts the largest run of King Salmon in California and surpasses many Canadian and Alaskan Rivers.

Red Bluff, CA is home to the best salmon fishing on the Sacramento River. Historically, the Sacramento hosted the largest run of King Salmon in the state. Salmon average 15-30 lb. while fish in excess of 50 pounds are caught every year. 

Teetering on the verge of collapse in 2008, the fall king salmon run rebounded the past few years, but remains unstable. When there are lots of salmon in the Sac, it’s one of the most productive rivers in the lower 48. During good years, we fish the Sacramento at the peak of the fall run in Sept. & Oct.

After the fall kings spawn, the late fall run kings run the Sac, usually after the first significant rains of November. This is a trophy run of salmon that makes up for in size what it lacks in numbers. 50 pounders are caught out of this run every year.

Salmon season on the Sacramento River opens in 2 phases - mid July below the Red Bluff Diversion Dam and early August for the remainder of the river.

From mid-July through late October, the salmon run strengthens normally peaking in late October. Starting in November, the late fall fun arrives. Mid November through mid-December provides the best opportunity to catch that elusive 50 pounder for those willing to brave the rain and cold.

Your Experience
You will be fishing from the biggest and most comfortable boat on the river. To make it even better, we don't mix groups. Your group gets the boat to yourselves along with our undivided attention.

We fish where the hoards of fishermen don't. We are not afraid to burn gas to find salmon and avoid crowded places like the Barge Hole on the Sacramento that attract nearly as many fishermen as salmon. While combat fishing generates some interesting stories and certainly saves a lot of gas for the Barge Hole guides, it is not an experience that we want to share with our guests!