The Rogue River
Sparkling Gem of the Southern Oregon Coast

More than just the Rogue Bay, the Beautiful Rogue River winds through the Rogue Sisykiou National Forest and that's where we fish whenever we can

The Rogue River hosts runs of salmon nearly year round. These salmon are hot and full of fight right out of the ocean and the meat is superb.

Based in Gold Beach, OR, we fish the lower 37 miles of the Rogue from the comfort of our new 25' Willie Predator jet boat - the biggest & most comfortable boat on the river. With a highly coveted USFS permit to guide the Lower Rogue, we can follow salmon from the ocean to upstream holding waters in the pristine National Forest.

Rogue Salmon Seasons

Spring Chinook – Arguably the best tasting salmon on the planet, "Springers" enter the Rogue in March and can be caught through June. Primarily an anchor fishery, we anchor in softer inside seams and fish anchovies or spinners for moving salmon.

Fall Chinook – Starting in early July, pre-spawn fall Chinooks enter the Rogue River. The fall run builds through August and peaks in September. Water temperatures permitting, we focus most of our effort in the National Forest away from the crowded Rogue Bay. The King run lasts through October with a late run of large lower river spawners entering the river in October. We usually start our day on anchor targeting moving salmon and later in the day transition to backtrolling Kwikfish and bouncing roe for holding fish.

Coho Salmon – The Rogue hosts a spectacular run of Coho (silver) salmon mid-Sept. through the end of Oct. Full of fight, silvers will take to the air like a steelhead and bulldog like a king. We target these acrobatic fighters using spinners, small plugs & anchovies.

What to Bring

* Oregon fishing license and salmon punch card (even children need a punch card). Can be obtained locally in Gold Beach.

* Clothing appropriate to the season. Layers and rain gear are recommended regardless of the weather forecast. Check out Accuweather for zip code 97444 for the latest weather forecast.

* Sunscreen and insect repellent. Don't forget your sunglasses!! Polarized lenses are preferred.

* While we don't prohibit alcohol on the boat, we discourage anything that compromises your safety and ability to enjoy your day on the water.

* We provide all fishing equipment and terminal gear including all bait.