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Read What Our Guest Have to Say About Their Stay at Salmon King Lodge of Red Bluff. . .


Scott & Nick
Bill and Julie, this should just be written somewhere in stone for all who enter here:
Great People + Great food + Great fishing + Great guides + Great hosts + Great times +Great house = Great times for all.

Don H.- Rodeo
Whoever reads this, you must know I've fished many, many guides over my 50 years. Salmon King Lodge has the magic formula in what they do and how they do it. Here are the facts: We arrived the last weekend of salmon season with no expectations of anything. Needless to say we are humbled and cannot believe our good fortune to have chosen this place and these guys. It put all my preconceived notions of "a lodge" in outer space. Great accommodations, beautifully appointed home & bedrooms, big screen, barbecue, plus the great room features a window on the world to see all the deer and turkeys.

Bill and Julie are fabulous, super cool, and friendly expert hosts. The food is worth fighting each other for more. We stayed out on the river longer than anyone else and it paid off with my 26 pound super chrome female salmon early in the day. The crowning event though, was the 40 pound hog I got at the days end. To say I'm over the moon about my experience here is to put it mildly; There is simply no finer place nor better guides to be had for twice the price. I just hope you guys don't get overwhelmed with all the business you have, this is too good to be true! Thanks again, many times over!

Tony, Spokane, WA
...This is a Quality fishing experience. . .Bill is simply one of the most knowledgeable and capable guides I've hunted or fished with in my lifetime...

...If you are looking for a place where there is great fishing, good food, and wonderful hospitality, welcome home...

...Bill and Julie worked together like a well-oiled machine to ensure all fish hooked made it to the boat, and I was back fishing as quickly as possible for the next one...

Jared, San Francisco
...you and Julie were the perfect hosts – friendly, informative, easygoing – perfect for the novice fisherman...

...Finally it hit – the one I’d been waiting for. You maneuvered the boat and talked me through the landing, working him in slowly but surely without losing him...

...just like the salmon, we are hooked! Can’t wait to come back next time. Many, many thanks to you and Julie and the Salmon King Lodge for showing us such a wonderful time...

R. W. /G.P.-Seattle
What a great day of fishing and we loved the guest house! Now we have new fish stories to tell that will only grow with time! Bill and Julie are great hosts and guides.

Bill O. - Fresno
Wow, we just happened to luck out on a last minute opening and my buddies and I drove up from Fresno for some great fishing, only we never expected to stay anywhere as nice as this, a great time was had by all!

Bob P.-San Marten
Boy oh boy, what a great place to stay, and a beautiful day on the river. You guys couldn't have been more helpful or accommodating. We hooked some nice fish that put up a great fight. We'll come back for more soon.

Allen. R- San Mateo
When we got here we couldn't believe we had this whole place to ourselves. Never matter that we dreamed of catching the "Big-One" all night long. Julie and Bill are simply amazing at everything they undertake, we don't even begin to know how they do it or what it takes. We had a super day on the river, majestic, beautiful sites to see, awesome fishing too. The food was almost too perfect, in a "you read-my-mind" kind of way. We were delighted in every way; in a word "these guys are the best kept secret".

Ray L.
We enjoyed the guest house immensely, very nice done and homey. The fishing was off the charts, we had a great time on the river! Thanks Again,

Ron & Lori H. -Fresno
What a nice place, nicer than our own house! We never thought a guest house could be so nice for a fisherman and his fishing wife (not fish-wife). You folks have really outdone yourselves, and have created something for others that are only in our dreams. The icing on the cake was the great fishing too. Many thanks!

Andy & Dad-Roseville
Thanks Bill and Julie, before we even hit the river I've got to say this place is great, my dad is in heaven watching the big screen…time to get to sleep before our big day of fishing tomorrow. Great dinner recommendations too, look out fish here we come…
OK, ready to pack up and go back home after an off the charts day of fishing…wow are we exhausted in a very good way!

Bill & Carol T.-San Jose
Bill and Julie, what great digs, man this certainly is not my grandfathers' fishing cabin. LOL. Thanks for the unbelievable hospitality and great fishing. I think we'll make this our annual thing! Many thanks see you next year!

Sam & Joanne S.-Discovery Bay
Bill and Julie, we had an awesome time. It was a great first fishing experience for me and my hubby really enjoyed catching all those trout. We look forward to coming back for Salmon season. The house is wonderful, very cozy, what great guides and hosts. Never change a thing!

Mike B.
Hey you guys, guess the secret is out! Thanks again for another awesome trip, and we're already booked for next fall! Yeah baby!

Ray R
Bill and Julie, my dad and I thank you for the wonderful time, we enjoyed our stay at your lodge and fishing very much, we're looking forward to next year.

Carol & Danielle-Walnut Creek
Dear Bill and Julie, What a wonderful 2 days we have had at your guest house. From the moment we met you, we knew we'd made the right decision to come up here and surprise our dad for father's day. You've made our stay and our great day of fishing so memorable. We'll be back for sure.

Mark S. -Antioch
Hey you two, thanks so much for a wonderful time and for working so very hard to get us on some great fish. We'll never forget this, and we'll be back!

Barry N. & Steve K.
Bill and Julie, What can we say, amazing lodge, amazing food, amazing fishing. It's great to get away from the city for a few days!

Scott R.
You guys are awesome and exceeded our expectations in every way possible.

Mark L. -Cleveland OH
Thanks much for a great and exciting fishing trip on Shasta, plenty of fishes and great tales!

Joe and John
Julie and Bill, One of the very nicest places we've stayed over many years of fishing trips to a variety of places all over the world. Many kudos for knowing how to make people feel comfortable and at home. You can most certainly count on us to being return customers and telling all of our friends about your wonderful hospitality. Please thank the river for the abundance of fish it produced for our sporting pleasure today.

Joe and John
Thanks you so much. The house is fabulous and you guys put on quite a show for us on the river today. We love learning new places to fish and new places of beauty up in the north state. Daniel and Rick

Sebastian, Richard, Ricke
We are from Finland, and truly were taken aback by Julie's hospitality, you feel like you're family in a matter of seconds. Whatever you're doing, you're obviously loving every minute of it and thriving all the way (to the Bank!) What a gorgeous guesthouse, so many amazing things to look at, especially the gorgeous mounted fishes. We had a spectacular day of trout fishing, can we move here?

Nick - San Francisco
This is my third trip to stay with you for a great fishing excursion. I said I'd be back, and apparently I'm a man of his word! The fly fishing was off the map today, I think it's called "sick", when we can barely land one before we hook up again. Unreal. By the way, Julie, the breakfast and lunch are so perfect; would you consider shipping it to me daily back home? LOL

J & J - SF Bay Area
Dear B & J, We didn't intend to write a love letter or a book, but we just had too many great things to say to you both. Thanks so much for a fabulous stay. You have a perfect location and your guest cottage has everything we wanted and more. Great location, great vibe, great decorating. You made us feel like family! What a treat for my first fly fishing ever, you were so patient with me, I'm still in disbelief of the Trout I landed. What a pleasure in every way possible. You guys sure know what you're doing, don't change a thing! We were depressed when we got home, so was our dog, Can we come back now? LOL

Jim Sr., Jim Jr. & Kevin
What's better than a great getaway like this? NOTHING! The boys and I absolutely enjoyed our day of fishing for Landlocked Salmon on Shasta. We also loved the great stories, great food. Man, Julie is a super cool deckhand too. Is it true she decorated this place herself in like 3 days? That's not possible, I know 'cos my mom's a decorator! HAH! (Just kidding)
Many thanks!

Sam, Cindy, Haley & Daniel
Bill and Julie, Thanks so much for sharing your slice of heaven with us. We enjoyed every minute and had a wonderful time. Fishing with you was a great way to enter into my "50's, thanks so much for making this a memorable birthday we won't forget!



Tony's review:

If you are looking for a place to completely relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself, you've found it. If you are looking for a place where there is great fishing, good food, and wonderful hospitality, welcome home. Salmon King Lodge is a place designed to completely forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Just a 3 ½ hour drive from the Bay via I-5, it is easily accessible by Bay Area residents.

Upon my arrival, Bill and Julie Divens, the owners and proprietors of the Lodge, welcomed me at the porch. Bill served drinks and gave me a tour of the Lodge, while Julie helped me unload my bags from the car. The dining room has a 170-degree view of the valley below, with Mount Shasta in the distance. It is absolutely breathtaking. The remainder of the evening was spent on the veranda with an incredible sunset and wonderful conversation.

The Saturday fishing trip, unbeknownst to me, actually began the night before at dinner. During dinner, Julie inquired as to the types of food I preferred while fishing, and had it all prepared for me. Bill, unlike other CFO's (Chief Fishing Officer ;) ), had all the bait and rigs ready before we left Saturday morning. My experiences in the past had the guides prepping the gear and bait AFTER we got out on the water, cutting down on the actual fishing time. The trip began at the time of MY request, not the time Bill decided we would leave.

One thing I would like to recommend, at least once in your life take a jet boat ride up a fast-moving river. The Sacramento River, with its rugged beauty and high-desert feel, is absolutely breathtaking. The jetboat ride in itself is an experience, but coupled with the scenery and Julie's guidance of the area landmarks, fishing spots, and wildlife, it was beyond words.

Once at our fishing spot, Bill explained the 'Rule of Engagement' for the day, and how we would proceed throughout the day. He also explained what types of techniques we would be using, and how we would change our tactics depending on the activity of the fish that particular day.

Bill and Julie worked together like a well-oiled machine to ensure all fish hooked made it to the boat, and I was back fishing as quickly as possible for the next one. This is a quality fishing experience, not so much a quantity fishing service. Bill is simply one of the most knowledgeable and capable guides I've hunted or fished with in my lifetime.

When the trip was done and back at the Lodge, I was given several choices for dinner and evening entertainment, of which I chose dinner downtown and a tour of the Red Bluff area. The area is rich with history, something to enjoy, especially if you are a California native.

The room and bed was extremely comfortable and welcoming, with a private bath for my use while there all three days. The view of the mountains, when waking in the morning, was spectacular. The Lodge is surrounded on three sides by porch, so there is always a quiet shady place with a comfortable chair to curl up and enjoy a book or just watch the wildlife at play.

In summary, if you are looking for a quiet place to spend a weekend, that includes many options, Salmon King Lodge is the place. Fishing, a jetboat ride, great food and company, and a place completely removed from the stresses of the city, in a heavenly setting. This is it. Salmon King Lodge.

Please email us for Tony's contact info

Jared's Review:

I have never properly thanked you for the incredible experience I had with you and Jules at the Salmon King Lodge. I had done some dock fishing before, but never caught anything of note. I was also completely uninformed about bait, lures and basically everything to do with salmon.

When we visited Salmon King Lodge, you and Julie were the perfect hosts – friendly, informative, easygoing – perfect for the novice fisherman. I received a great education in preparing plugs and lures as we prepared for the coming day. The lodge itself is incredible – comfortable, thoughtfully arrayed and welcoming. The bedrooms are private and cozy – the common areas pleasant and open. Watching the sunset from the deck of the lodge with the deer running through the backyard in the distance was incredible, and enjoying cocktails on the deck at nightfall was a pristine experience.

Rising before dawn, we layered up for the cold mountain air and trucked the boat and coolers down to the river. It was great to put in early, with no other boats around. You and Jules – the perfect team - knew exactly where the regulars would be looking for fish that day – the “easy” holes where we could come back through if we had no luck further out – but we immediately took off down the river, the bank slowly rising and falling as the wind whipped past us. The morning was still, and startled deer by the riverbanks testified that we were the first ones by that day.

Settling far upriver into one of your own favorite spots, you proceeded to show us how to bait our hooks with roe, how to plumb the bottom with bobbing lures and what kind of action the rods needed. Early on, we wuz robbed once or twice but enjoyed ourselves thoroughly nonetheless.

By midmorning, we were moving on to other parts of the river where you figured our luck would improve. Though we passed one or two other boats, we still were clearly far from the masses and most frequently enjoyed peace and quiet of the still day.

Finally it hit – the one I’d been waiting for. You maneuvered the boat and talked me through the landing, working him in slowly but surely without losing him. We got him back close to the boat and - triumph! - I pulled him over the side into the waiting net – a beautiful 19-lb male. Less than 20 minutes later, my girlfriend landed her own catch- a pearly pink 16-lb female to match. What a set! They looked awesome side by side, and they tasted even better. There was plenty of filet on those two fish, and our friends got to enjoy it also.

Now of course, just like the salmon, we are hooked! Can’t wait to come back next time. Many, many thanks to you and Julie and the Salmon King Lodge for showing us such a wonderful time.

Please email us for Jared's contact info


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