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Rogue River Fishing Report

June 2019

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Rogue River Fall King Salmon - Gold Beach, OR - June - October

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Rogue River Steelhead and Springer Wrap Up
and Awesome 88,000 Fall Chinook Forecast

I am woefully behind on uploading springer and steelhead pictures from this year. As time permits I will download Julie's and my phones and get them posted. Briefly, we had an awesome steelhead run that lasted until late March. Springers were about average with a good push in April and another good push in late May with a bit of a slowdown in mid-May.

Now for the exciting news -
Our expected King Salmon return is over 50% greater than the 10 year average. Which is good news for us and bad news for anglers trying to book last minute trips. Good news is that there will be lots of salmon to be caught in the Rogue this year. Bad news is that many other rivers have poor returns this year and lots more anglers will be coming to the Rogue.
Our schedule is starting to fill. If you want a specific date, please get on the calendar ASAP. You can always reschedule or cancel up to 7 days before your trip.
This year I will not be fishing holidays or weekends in July and August. The Rogue Bay just gets to crowded on weekends to be fun and productive. We will be fishing the Rogue Bay June 25 - late August. We will move back to the Rogue National Forest and away from the crowds as soon the water temperature drops below 70 degrees and the salmon move upriver.


A few pictrues of my 1st 2019 steelhead trip - more springer and steelhead pictures to come...



2018 Spring Salmon Wrap Up

We wrapped up our Rogue spring salmon season last week and I would judge it as average. Typical of springer fishing on the lower Rogue, it was highly inconsistent. We had limit and near limit days followed by skunks followed by productive days, followed by 1 and 2 fish days. Higher than normal water levels and lower than normal water temperatures kept us fishing well into mid-June. We pulled the plug last week when the moss kicked up by the tour boats got so bad that we simply couldn’t keep a clean bait in the water.

We are proud to say that we did every one of our spring salmon adventures far away from the crowded lower Rogue in the Rogue Siskiyou National Forest. No hog lines or fishing in our neighbors’ backyards for us! Regardless of the catching, we all enjoyed gorgeous scenery, incredible wildlife and peace and quiet.


2017 Rogue River Fall Salmon Fishing Season Wrap Up- Gold Beach - Agness Oregon

Long story short - this was one of the best fall salmon seasons on the Rogue in years. We had a great time, cleaned lots of salmon and sent our clients off with great memories.




2016 Wrap Up

We wrapped our Rogue River salmon season last week. Early rains blew out the river and moved the salmon up to their spawning grounds. We had a good summer and fall on the Rogue. Low and warm water kept us in the Rogue Bay most of the season instead of the National Forest. While there were a few slow days, most days we enjoyed the "big tug".
We will be taking a break from fishing in Nov. & Dec and returning for the awesome Rogue River Steelhead run in January. Sign up for our mailing list to get the latest reports and money saving offers. Here are a few photos of our happy 2016 anglers:

Spring Salmon Wrap Up

First off, a great big THANK YOU to all of our clients who pretty much booked out our Springer Season through the 1st week of June. We are now booking Rogue River fall run salmon. With extremely low (remember 2007 & 2008) returns predicted for the Sacramento River, we will fish the Rogue July - October this year.

This was one of the most inconsistent springer season's we have ever experienced. One week in May reflects the entire season- with all things being the same including location, water & weather we bounced from 8 salmon in one day to 0 the next and 0-3 over the following days. Also this year we encountered far more wild salmon than hatchery. Again, rather strange since we normally catch at least a 50:50 mix. We are taking off June to visit family and will return to the Rogue to chase ocean fresh king salmon in early July.

Make your plans early for the Rogue this year. We are already booking trips in Sept. & Oct. With the dismal predictions for Sacramento River salmon, many of our old clients from Red Bluff are booking trips with us on the Rogue.

Here are a few photos and videos from the 2016 springer season.





Here are a few photos from our 2016 Rogue Steelhead season:



2015 Rogue River Fishing Reports

The Rogue Bay fished well over the past month, but, a dramatic drop in water temperature sent schools of king salmon swimming upstream into the National Forest where we prefer to fish. We've had some good days with 20+ pound salmon caught in a beautiful wilderness with no other boats in sight. We will continue to move between the Rogue Bay and the Rogue River in the National Forest as conditions dictate. As a bonus, the silver (coho) run has started. We are expecting a very strong run of agressive silver salmon this year.
We are getting pretty booked, but we do have some prime weekday and weekend dates available to fish for these big, ocean fresh King salmon.